What did you find at your local Farmer’s Market?

Farmer’s Markets all vary but they are a wonderful place to shop for fresh veggies and various homemade articles.  My focus with this blog has all been about the GAPS/SDC diets.  This page is going to take a similar vein but with a bit more broadening of interest because there is life that takes place around the diet.  This page is to encourage you to utilize your local Farmer’s Market and if your area does not have one consider getting one started.   Farmer’s Market vary greatly and can be a lot of fun to shop.  Often the vendors are very knowledgeable about the products they are selling.

In addition to vegetables Farmer’s Markets have other wonderful items…

For instance, I found these wonderful 18 inch doll dresses made by a young lady that loves dolls.   She has taken her love for dolls and turned it into a small business. She makes one of a kind outfits and has even put up a website so her customers can see what she has in her inventory.  If she hands you a business card at the market she will tell you if you come back and buy at the Farmer’s Market she will give you a break in price.  After all it costs money to operate a website and lets not forget shipping costs.  This young lady told me it wasn’t about just making clothes for “American Girl” dolls but for all dolls…she did not grow up with a closet full of expensive dolls and understand that not everyone can afford them.  She is a collector of  orphans and most of them are of the low-income variety.  She wanted to make affordable doll clothes for all little girls.

Doll Dress Vendor

What else did I find at the market?  EGGS! Wonderful eggs!  GAPS/SCD diet uses a lot of eggs.  Farmer’s Markets are the place for fresh eggs.   Egg vendors cannot stay in business if customers do not buy from them regularly.   Eggs do not just happen, the flock has to be planned for and cared for.   During these hot days of summer getting quality eggs to the local market is a chore.   So please consider supporting your local egg producer by visiting them at your Farmer’s Market.

I also found herbs.  Everyone ought to have a fresh herb garden.  Herbs bring variety to our GAPS/SCD diets and they are very easy to grow.  Once they are established they will grow like weeds.  Herb growers love their craft and are usually extremely knowledgeable.

I also found goat soap.   I love this soap.  It is does not leave a soapy film on your skin and smells wonderful.  The bars are small but fairly priced because goat soap made the old fashion way with lye does not melt as quickly as a bar of regular soap.   Like most of the vendors I talk with their products have a history.  This soap business grew out of excess goat milk.  This woman has a son who could not digest cow milk so they bought some goats and before they knew it they had a bit more milk then they could use.

I don’t want to forget the people who sell honey, or the little old lady that sells aprons so that she has a bit of a retirement income. She puts a lot of love into her work to provide her customers with “authentic vintage patterns and retro fabrics all in 100% cotton.”    What great gifts they make.

The list of things to be found at my local farmer’s markets goes on and on….home crafted teas, freshly roasted coffees, baked goods, cheeses,  flowers, and my favorite peacock feathers!  So the next time you think you ought to visit your local Farmer’s Market go ahead and do so.  You will be supporting people in your local community. People like the young lady that makes doll dresses, or the man who raises a flock of chickens so you can have quality eggs, or the herb man who is willing to share his knowledge with, or the ladies that makes soap and aprons.


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