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Zucchini Linguine

Some of you know that I have been cooking two extra meals a day for my father-in-law.  In addition to that the past couple of weeks I have been overseeing a bit more of my dad’s dietary needs….Needless to say, there are some days when I simply want to do something for “my family”.  Today,  I made something fun and yummy with lots of garlic and flavor.

It is a bit labor intensive but not overly.  I cut my zucchini into long thin strips. 

Then I sautéed them in coconut, butter, and olive oil.  Salted and peppered them, tossed in a handful of freshly chopped parsley and some fresh oregano.  I crushed in three or four cloves of garlic and set them aside.

I topped my linguine with onions and mushrooms that were slightly browned in butter.   Then I drizzled on some freshly made French Cream. I had intended to top it all with parmesan cheese but in our haste to make a one o’clock appointment I forgot.


A simpler version would be to just slice the zucchini and cook the onions and mushrooms in with the squash.  Flavor would be about the same but it would make a different presentation.

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