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Carrot Salad


This one is so good and so GAP/SCD perfect.  Once you are able to consume raw carrots this salad is quick and easy.

The recipe looks something like this…

1 1/2  grated carrot per person

kefir or coconut milk or a combination of homemade mayo with yogurt enough to moisten the salad.

A handful of raisins

A handful of grated coconut

A couple of tablespoons of honey if desired.

Mix it all together and let sit a couple of hours for the flavors to meld together.  This is a salad that is good to keep on hand for those carrot lovers…it makes a great snack and a terrific side dish for a meal.

I have only given a basic recipe.  Carrots Salad can be made with all kinds of variances.  Some people use only orange juice and honey…My mother has put peanut butter in it…etc. Also things like walnuts can be added…or for a different flavor hot or bell peppers, or cucumbers…etc.     Or you could dissolve gelatin in heated water and add it to orange juice and make a cold molded salad.

This post is all about an idea.  If you have never made a carrot salad give it a try.  Dust off the food process and see how quickly you can put this one together and then see how quickly it will get eaten.




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