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Salmon Loaf

Salmon Loaf

RATS!  I forgot to plan lunch again today and I really didn’t want the left over beef from yesterday (again) and I didn’t have a lot of time before the people started oozing out of the woodwork wondering about what and when is lunch….

At times like this I often fall back on a can of salmon.  Canned Salmon is a GAPS/SCD approved food, it is inexpensive and fast to work up into some kind of concoction or another.  I once read that most Alaska canned salmon is wild caught and thus is probably better for you than the various farm raised varieties that you find frozen at the grocery. 

I fix canned salmon a lot of different ways but today I decided for speed and ease so I went with a salmon loaf.   The recipe went something like this….

1 can of salmon to include the water it is packed in

2 eggs

chopped green pepper

chopped onion

coconut flour-maybe a 1/4 cup I didn’t measure it, I just dumped some in until it looked right.

salt, black pepper, powder ginger (1/8 tsp), paparika.  (Ground mustard would probably have been good too but I didn’t think of it until right now.)

I also put in about a cup of kefir cheese (I have asked one of my daughters to write about that so stay tuned to learn the wonders of this ancient food group); but one could use dry curd cottage cheese (maybe in a few weeks when I have nothing else to do we will talk about making a batch); or a scoop of sour cream; and if you have none of these, just stir in a good portion of colby cheese and it will be just as good.

I baked it at 350 for about 30 minutes, the first 20 minutes covered with foil so it would not overly brown. When it was all done I topped it with a layer of cheese.

And since I am always looking for ways to make my life less stressful and more frugal without giving up the quality of our lives I decided to to try baking a second salmon loaf in my crockpot to see if it would be as agreeable as the one baked in the oven.  And yes, it was good, even better than the one baked in the oven.  It was more moist than the one from the oven.  I will definitely be repeating this crockpot salmon loaf again!

Salmon loaf baked in crock pot


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