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Old World Food–Rutabaga (Swede)

I found this recipe years ago when I was researching Medieval recipes.  It is so simple and extremely good.  Even if you think you don’t like rutabaga, I want to encourage you to try this idea.  I have served it at Medieval parties and have always had positive comments, even from those that had previously said they didn’t like rutabaga.

Many people confuse turnips and rutabagas. They have two distintly different flavors.  Rutabagas are high in vitamin C and a good source for other essential vitamins and nutrients.  Rutabags have a natural sweet flavor.

You must start by peeling a rutabaga.  A good vegetable peeler works fine.  I usually try to cut my rutabaga in half and cut off slices.  Then I peel the slices.  It seems to make the process easier for me.

After I get the rutabaga peeled, I then dice it up in small pieces.   I suppose it can be done in a food processor but I have always just done it with a knife.  Perhaps I enjoy the antiquity of the recipe and wish to keep it that way.

After the rutabaga, I then dice up a medium onion and box of mushrooms.

I cook this in a combination of coconut oil, butter, and olive oil.   I start by cooking the onions first, almost to the point of browning, not quite.  Then I add in the rutabaga (and more oil if need be) and cook those down a bit before adding in the mushrooms.  All of this cooks together until it is all very tender.  At this point  I add in a splash of cheap white wine…(you can substitute a splash of gin if need be.)

And while I could go into the history lesson about the spice combinations of that particular time, I will spare you.  Instead, use a good GAPS/SCD approved curry powder to taste, salt and pepper.  Let all of these flavors simmer together on warm for a bit.  Right before serving, you can stir in some GAPS/SCD approved French Cream if desired or put it on the table for individual preferences.


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