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Oyster Omelet with Cheese


It was so good we forgot to get a picture before we ate it!!

My ancestors come from the mid-westerner section of the United States.  It is traditional for this region of the country to eat oysters as the holiday fare.  It goes back to the days before the modern transportation and certain foods only got shipped into the country during the holidays.   Every year, my mother has told me that Grandpa used to buy a gallon can and Grandma made the best scalloped oysters, and Mom could never make them like Grandma…..a few years back I found the old time recipe that surely was how my great ancestor made this treat.  It was cracker, cream, and oysters

Well, GAPS/SCD does not allow the crackers…and I have tired other things but not to my satisfaction, until this morning.  Normally we have oysters on Christmas Eve, that is the tradition….but yesterday, did not go as planned so we ate chicken instead.

It was my plan to make a quiche with the oysters for breakfast but I forgot that I only had one oven and a large turkey to go into it…

So I decided to make oyster omelets.  This came out better than I expected.  I mixed the cup of fresh oysters with 6 eggs and about a 1/4 cup of coconut flour and a couple tablespoons of raw cream.   I mixed all of this together and proceeded to fry omelets in butter.  When I make omelets I fry them on low heat and cover them with a lid to steam the tops.  I flipped these (perhaps not perfectly) and made an omelet stack.  I put a layer of omelet and then some white cheese, and then another layer of omelet, until there were three layers.

I must tell you that this turned out far better than I had expected!!!  And we will certainly do this again and it will be much sooner than next Christmas.

I know that some of you will not appreciate this recipe but for those of you that like things like fried oysters, oyster dressing, fried oyster, or scalloped oysters and have not been able to find a good GAPS/SCD “oyster substitute” I can highly recommend trying the oyster omelet.  You will not be disappointed.   I am afraid we were hungry and forgot to take a picture.

Merry Christmas 2012!!

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