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Baked Coconut Cod

When I was kid, my dad was a commercial fisherman.  I grew up eating the cream of the ocean and to this day love good quality fish. Unfortunately, I do not live near a good fish market and I am limited to what I can find at my local supermarket.

Most cheaper grade of fish are best battered and fried.  GAPS/SCD limit us in being able to fry foods like fish.  I got to thinking about ways to oven fry…and remembered a while back that I oven fried chicken livers with some success.   So I decided to try this with my package of cod.

I dipped the pieces of cod into an egg wash and then rolled them in a seasoned coconut flour mixture (seasoning was garlic, salt, black pepper, paprika, and thyme).  After placing them on a greased cookie sheet I baked the coconut floured fish in a 350 oven about 15 minutes or until the breading is golden brown. (timing will vary depending on the thickness of the pieces.

I served this with carrot soup, some freshly made Kimchi, and spinach cooked with mushrooms and onions.

A fast and easy meal to prepare.  So if you miss fried fish try this oven version!


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