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Scrappy Pate

Well, I have been at it again. Attempting to figure out what to do with the leftover stock pot meat.  Last time, I thought I might try to give my patties a sausage flavor.  Well, last night I wasn’t in the mood for sausage and not really in the mood to do anything extra (like standing around frying patties) but I had this stuff to do something with and a meal that needed to be prepared so I set out to try sausage….

But I got side tracked in the process.  I put all the “scrappy” meat into the food processor with an onion and ground it up until it was a less than coarse.  I tasted it to figure out what kind of sausage seasonings would be right for this mixture.   I decided that this was pretty good as is and decided that it was time for me to try the meat pate’  mentioned in one of the GAPS/SCD books.  So I added some salt and pepper and ground it up until it was totally smooth.  I then scooped it out into a nice small serving dish topped with fresh parsley and sat it in the fridge to chill.

With the rest of the mid-day leftovers we had a simple meal using what I had on hand and I didn’t have to spend a whole lot more time in the kitchen. I really think the ginger root that I added to this particular pot of stock made this taste so good.  I frequently use ginger root in my stocks but not always.  We couldn’t really decide on a name for this concoction. So we decided Scrappy Pate would work okay. 

In flavor, it was akin to liverwrust which was odd since it didn’t have any liver in it.  My kids all learned to enjoy liverwrust while we lived in Germany so there were no grumps about it. They thought it was good.  

We decided it could be used as a veggie dip.  Or chilled and sliced into nice little slices that can be served with a salad or put on a cracker.  (We haven’t talked about making those yet, but we will…)  One could add in cooked veggies and make a molded salad to be eaten with one of the approved special mayo’s or mustards. 

Will I be making this again?  Most assuredly.   It was simple to make and used up the leftover meat efficiently.

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