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Curried Onions with Baked Liver

Curried Onions with Oven Fried Chicken Livers

Yes, I am aware that some folks really can’t stand liver while others enjoy it.  Either way liver is one of those foods highly recommended on GAPS/SCD.   I usually fry liver but recently I have learned how to oven fry it.  Today we got a recipe from the Pecan Bread site that worked quickly and easily for us. If you are interested go here:

As a review, I thought the liver came out a bit drier than I like but because of the ease of the recipe we will use it again in the future.   ( This recipe would make an outstanding pate or chopped liver. )   As an aside, one can bake liver in the same manner without dusting it with the almond flour. 

But because I know that a lot of people do not care for liver the focus of this particular blog is going to be on the curried onions.  Onions as a side dish can often be over looked.  I cook with a lot of onions, I put them in everything, they are a great way to stretch a lot of recipes.   Yet, they can be almost a meal in themselves if prepared properly.  


As we have said before GAPS/SCD can take extra time and some times we just don’t have the extra time or we make a meal and look down at it and say to ourselves, “No way is that going to be enough to fill everyone up…”  Well, maybe that never happens to you but it does to me.  

If you have some onions you have the ability to stretch a meal in a yummy way.  I figure 1/2 to 1 whole med onion per person.  Slice them very thin, fry them in butter (or any GAPS/SCD approved oil or combination of oils-today I used coconut and butter).  Cook the onions down until they begin to brown add salt, pepper, paparika.  Toss in a splash of white wine (if you have it).  Stir well.  Splash in milk, cream, kefir (whatever kind of dairy stuff you use in your house), and then dump in curry powder until it reaches the color and flavor you like.   For some variations one can add a tablespoon of honey; or garlic; or extra/different spices and herb; or peppers; or carrots for color and texture; or green peas; or tomatoes…. You see the possiblities are endless.   

And for those looking for even easier ways to make curried onions quicker, use frozen onions.  Grab a bag out of the freezer and within minutes you will have that extra something to make your lunch or dinner a little better.   (BTW curried onions go very well with scrambled eggs.)

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