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Revisiting the Introduction Diet

My family has been on the GAPS diet for almost a year now.  We have had some ups and downs but mostly it has been extremely helpful and positive.  The past month, several of us have been having some problems so we are revisiting the introduction diet for a few days.  More broths and soups and less full meals.  In the past, we have found that just extra broth has helped with any gut problems but lately it has not helped as much, so we are going to have to eliminate somethings to figure out what it is that might be the problem.   I am returning to the books and food lists to see if I have let something slip in to our holiday diet that should not be there.    

Broth making is rather an art in the culinary world.  One has to learn how to combine types of bones/meats, spices and veggies.  Some of it depends on how much money you want to put into it.  Since GAPS/SCD diets require a lot of broth and since we are a family of five grown people we consume a goodly amount of broth daily.  I use a lot of soup bones because they are affordable and they produce a lot of broth and less meat.  As mentioned in an earlier post, we make a crock pot full of broth almost daily.

The one featured in this post consisted of pork neck bones, carrots, celery, kale, and onion.  I seasoned this with ground sage, dried rosemary, several cloves of garlic,a bay leaf, salt and pepper.

Breakfast Broth

Later in the day I combined what was left from breakfast with some venison broth.  Then I added in leftover venison and chicken meat, ground cooked pasilla-ancho peppers (found in the Mexican section of our local markets), lima beans, green beans, turnips, mushrooms and onions.  I added in a good handful of freshly chopped cilantro and a dash of cumin.  More salt and pepper.

Make Do Stew

It turned out to be fabulous!!  We some times call these concoctions “Make Do Stew” and usually (but not always) they turn out with that gourmet flavor.   Over the years, I have found a couple of things that help when combining broth with leftovers.  First of all, over cooking soups can make them come out tasting “well-blended or overly cooked”.  In other words they lose their fresh flavor.  Secondly, because cooking is rather like art one has to choose the content and spices with discernment.  When my children were little I used to tell them when they were working on an art project that  “more is not always better and you can do too much”.   Rather like working with crayons on paper, soups are liquid based and once you add something in they are not erasable.

Well, I am off to the kitchen….

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