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Butternut and Beef Curry

Today at lunch, I was again faced with this meat from the broth pot and no idea what I was going to do with it.  One daughter suggested soup again.  After two days of very fine tasting soups I didn’t think any of us (except her) would want soup again… She suggested that I do something curry like.  (She once spent an entire summer mastering the art of curry making.)

Before GAPS, curry always meant something with rice or a flat bread.  So when I think of curry I have to rethink it, attempting to capture the flavors we love in a way that suits our current dietary needs.  Recently, I have begun to try to get more fiber into our diet.  (One of those stopping to evaluate what we need to tweak moments…)

Also, as you could guess by now, I do not cook from a menu but use what I have on hand.  This usually means the meats I pick up on sale, the veggies I get for a good price, or stuff that I grew myself.   I had a bumper crop of winter squash this year and we are still just making a dent in the pile.  So after very little thought, I decided that butternut squash would make a fine thicken agent for my curry.

I am trying to incorporate a bit more palm oil into our diets (good source of Vit E) so I started with a palm, coconut, butter, and seasame oil blend.  I tossed in one small sized squash cut up in fairly small pieces.  Along with this I added a small onion, about a quarter of a green pepper (I did not want this to be on overpowering flavor) and a handful of sliced mushrooms.  I let this cook for a few minutes until the squash was done.   Then I added in the meat and about a cup of broth.  Next came the spices: salt, pepper, 1/4 tsp of powdered ginger, a good dash of paprika, and a couple good dashes of curry powder.   I let it all simmer for a few minutes and called the family to lunch.

I told them that I felt like lunch was not going to be very exciting and suggested that the “curry” would probably be good with the French Cream that I put on the table.  I hadn’t eaten any yet when one daughter piped up with “this is good!”, and quickly the other two concurred.  I put a little French Cream on mine and when I tasted it I was surprised at how good it was.

Don’t you love it when a meal comes together better than you expected?


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Zucchini Linguine

Some of you know that I have been cooking two extra meals a day for my father-in-law.  In addition to that the past couple of weeks I have been overseeing a bit more of my dad’s dietary needs….Needless to say, there are some days when I simply want to do something for “my family”.  Today,  I made something fun and yummy with lots of garlic and flavor.

It is a bit labor intensive but not overly.  I cut my zucchini into long thin strips. 

Then I sautéed them in coconut, butter, and olive oil.  Salted and peppered them, tossed in a handful of freshly chopped parsley and some fresh oregano.  I crushed in three or four cloves of garlic and set them aside.

I topped my linguine with onions and mushrooms that were slightly browned in butter.   Then I drizzled on some freshly made French Cream. I had intended to top it all with parmesan cheese but in our haste to make a one o’clock appointment I forgot.


A simpler version would be to just slice the zucchini and cook the onions and mushrooms in with the squash.  Flavor would be about the same but it would make a different presentation.

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Easy Summer Squash

Yellow Summer Squash

Those of you that know me personally, know that I am a southerner but reside half of the year in the mid-west.  So for many this post is like old news, for some it will not be.  During the mid-westerner summer months I sell my produce at the local farmers market and have had to learn to suppress utter surprise when someone looks at beets and calls them turnips.  And most assuredly we get a lot of “what is it and how do I fix it?”. And then there are the times when someone turns up their nose at my beautiful small summer squash in search of something big enough to be a club. 

It seems that mid-westerners are into “fried veggies” big chunks of breaded stuff deep-fried.  Southerners fry their chicken, fish, and maybe their okra but not their summer squash that would be sacrilegious. 

Quick and Easy Summer Squash

GAPS/SCD encourage a lot of squash and summer squash are a perfect food if prepared properly.  Yellow and zucchini squash are similar in flavor and best before the seeds develop any size.   They are extremely simple to prepare.

You start with a good skillet, heat it and add a couple of tablespoons of butter, a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil, and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil (of course this will vary in relation to the amount of squash you are going to cook).

Thinly slice a large onion and cook until it is tender then add in thinly sliced squash rings.  (The meaning of “thin” is completely subjective.)  Cook the squash and onion together until it is all cooked down adding salt and pepper about half way through the cooking process. (salt helps break down food and seems to make things cook a bit faster.)  Salt also sweetens veggies and this is absolutely true for squash.  But if for some reason, such as trying to get a picky eater to take a second bite, they can be further sweetened with a drizzle of honey.  

This is a very simple side dish, it literally takes very little time to prepare and it can be made up in advance and left to sit on warm with no negative affect.

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