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Lamb Tajine

I made this awhile back and planned to write about it but got side tracked with some other chore that needed doing…so tonight with a few extra minutes on my fingertips, I will share my love of Tajines.

Tajines are Morroccan and I love them.  They are fairly simple to make and so very GAPS/SCD approved.  The one pictured is lamb but they are just as good made with chicken or beef. (I have never made one with pork but I imagine that any meat can be made into a successful tajine.)  A tajine is simply a slow cooked oven baked stew. (So very good for a cool day when you want the house to be warmed by the oven and the body would welcome the warmth from a hearty stew.)   Lamb in particular is my favorite on a cold day.

This is my lamb tajine recipe.  Browned lamb put into heavy duty ovenware, add in carrots, turnips, an onion, a quart of chicken stock, tomatoes, a good splash of red wine. To this add 3-4 crushed cloves of garlic, some thyme, 4-6 whole cloves, a good sprinkling of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg and allspice….and a handful of raisins or prunes.  Oh yes, don’t forget the salt and pepper.  

This all goes into the oven at a very low temperature.  About 250 and it cooks all day.   A few minutes before you plan to serve it toss in some frozen peas. (You don’t see any in the picture because I forgot them!!)  But the peas do add a uniqueness to this wonderful hearty meal.

Gotta run for now….

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