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Fermented Kale

I work a farmers market and one of the things that I almost always have left over at the end of the day is Kale.  Mid-westerners are known to not like their vitamin K and although they “know they should be eating more greens” they simply cannot make the change from yellow (corn) to green leafy stuff.

I don’t really have a set way to do kale but the last time, I chopped it up very finely in the food processor, added in a little shredded onion and carrot, garlic, lime juice, Braggs Amino Acids, and of course salt. The idea was to duplicate the flavor that goes into my kale chips….well, it didn’t turn out tasting like Kale Chips but it is still tasty and a good way to consume the nutrient dense kale.

A person’s liking for fermented food is as individual as the person themselves.  For instance, Hubby likes his Kraut shredded, he likes the texture better.  Darling Daughter likes it slaw cut ( grated).  Instead of making two batches, I try to vary it each time I make it.    Almost every week for the past 10 years I have filled jars with some concoction, with something always working in one corner of the house or other.

Something for consideration, particularly with children, is that their tastes buds can be more sensitive so too much hot peppers or spices can be overpowering.   When one starts the GAPS diet we tend to want to make things as “flavorful” as possible to entice the children….when in reality the child may do best on having foods a bit more bland and then gradually add in the herbs and spices.  And I think this goes ditto for aging palates as well.  Things that we might have liked when we were younger change too as we age.  So if you have family members that lean more to the “basic flavors”, I encourage you to stick to the basics. As fermenting is becoming all the rage, we do not have to compete with our neighbors with more hot peppers, cumin, etc.  Nor are we slaves to a particular recipe.  A good basic beans with onion can be as satisfying as the ones with all the extras.  If mild Kimchi is preferred over the dragon breathing kind then make it mild. The goal is to have your family consuming these foods at every meal.  Our fermenting should be to satisfy our family not to try and out do others.  If it is too hot, overly spicy, or the flavor just grows boring, the consumption will slack off and our family will lose the intestinal benefits they gain from eating them.  In the growing community of fermenting it is important to remember that we are all after the same thing, intestinal health and that we need to love one another and support one another in our individual preferences.

Happy Fermenting!!

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Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard

It has been awhile since I last posted, believe me it is not because I have not eaten!  Life has had other demands than time spent blogging.  Yet I still think about the things I make and “plan to” blog on them. Today’s topic is one of those.

Swiss chard is another perfect GAPS/SCD food.  It is highly nutritious, colorful, and tasty.  Yet I must confess I have not always been a fan of chard.  I just had to learn to fix it in a way that tasted good to me.  I work a Farmer’s Market during the summer months and always ask people how they prepare the things they buy from me.  One woman told me she steamed it with her squash. Another said that she boiled them like greens. Well I don’t do either, although I tried adding them to my squash and found that to be very acceptable. And boiled is okay.  My dad likes chard boiled and he does not want them cut up but left whole with stem and leaf together.

I saute Swiss Chard with onions and mushrooms, cooked in good butter or sesame oil.  The mushrooms seem to make the difference in the taste. These three flavors go well together.  I chop the stems finely and then chop the greens finely, this causes it all to cook quickly and it seems to blend the flavor of the stems with the greens (there is a slight difference).  And for appearance, I also finely chop the onions and mushrooms.  I cook it all until it is tender, add salt and pepper.  If I am not in a hurry, which most of the time I am, I will add a little lemon juice.

Some people like the stems in particular and one customer told me that his wife cut them off and drizzled them with olive oil and garlic and baked them in the oven.

Some people at the market ask me what Swiss Chard tastes like…it is very hard to describe food flavors to a person that has never had something.  I try to be as honest as possible and I tell them that Swiss Chard is actually in the beet family and is a mild flavored beet green.  Automatically that turns some people off.   But I go on to tell them that it also has a slight “spinach” flavor without the stems.  And I have found that Swiss Chard does very well in quiche as a spinach replacement.  While some shoppers are adventurous others say no thanks and walk away quickly.  But then that is the life as a market vendor…

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