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Banana Pudding better known as Southern Comfort

In the southern culture no wedding, funeral, or any other social gathering is complete without a big bowl of banana pudding.  It is affectionally known as “comfort food”.

Well, Banana Pudding is not GAPS/SCD approved.  Even homemade pudding has flour or cornstarch added. And the vanilla wafers are certainly a no-no!  But one afternoon, as I was going through a stack of Southern Living magazines for disposal one of the covers had these beautiful parfait glasses filled with layered banana pudding.  My mind said, “Yummy!” and then came back the reality of this is not GAPS food….but instead of pushing the thought from my mind I got to thinking of ways that I could make a GAPS approved banana pudding and it didn’t take too long to formulate an idea.

On Epiphany we always have a special candlelit meal to sort of close out the Christmas season.  This year I set my mind on making banana pudding for dessert.    You are going to love this as a simple way to make a fast and quick “special dessert”.  It could be served in a bowl but we did ours in parfait glasses as individual servings.

I started with plain yogurt.  Yogurt has more of a pudding texture than kefir (although I am sure that kefir would taste just as good).   I stirred in a good amount of vanilla and honey to make it taste sweet and vanilla-ish.  In a separate process I mixed crushed nuts and coconut (one could add a pinch of cinnamon).  Then I layered bananas, the yogurt mixture, and then a layer of the nut/coconut.  After two or three layers in the glasses we topped it off with nuts.  If you have access to raw cream you could even put that on before the final nut layer.

Simple and easy!    So this post is to encourage you to think outside of the box (in this case the pudding box) and to consider your own options that might work for your favorites or cultural foods.    

So as we close out our Christmas season we pray that your new year be one that draws your heart closer to the great Love of our heavenly Father.


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