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Real Mayonnaise


I confess, I like mayonnaise, the stuff that comes out of the jar, made out of soybean oils, and that has “natural flavorings”.   But for the most part, I stopped it eating it years ago when I stopped consuming soybean oil and MSG.

I have gone through those periods of time when I have made homemade mayo but the flavor really wasn’t as good. And as is my habit, if I consider it  unhealthy and can’t easily duplicate it, I just leave it out of my life.  In most cases, I can be just as satisfied with mustard or salsa as a condiment….But I really like a good homemade ranch or blue cheese dressing made with mayo.

On one of those rare occasions, when I had a few moments of free time and decided to flip through my grandmother’s Household Searchlight Recipe Book (copyrighted 1937) to see what it had to say about mayonnaise.  Mom, always told me the old-timers made their mayonnaise and how good it was. And while the modern recipe that we find all over the internet and in the modern cookbooks is good, to me it was just not good enough, yet I knew it needed a touch of something to make it better.  With cookbook in hand, it took me about two seconds before I was doing one of those hand slaps to head and saying “why didn’t I think of that!”

The secret to having that store bought flavored mayonnaise is so simple, add a little honey.  And if this still is not quite right, do half lemon juice and half vinegar.

The recipe reads like this:

1 egg yolk (without the white)

2 tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar (or a blend of half lemon and half apple cider vinegar)

1 cup of sesame oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon of honey

dash of cayenne

Place the egg yolk, lemon juice/vinegar, honey, salt and cayenne in a blender or food processor.  Turn on and then begin to gradually drizzle in the oil….blend until smooth.  Adjust honey, salt, vinegar to taste.

Once you get your ingredients worked out just right, add a bit of whey for safe keeping and it will keep for several days.

A quick and simple method:

Recently, I had a friend encourage me to make mayo with my immersion blender.  Put in all the ingredients and then the blender…and you have a no fuss mayo, without having to drip the oil, and almost instant mayonnaise!!  I tried this and it worked—EXCEPT, for this version I had to use the whole egg (white) to make it whip up. It did alter the flavor a tad but overall, still very good.

And a last word on this topic, please make sure if you are making mayo from scratch that you use an egg source that you can trust.  If you are using eggs from the supermarket, for safety sake make sure the eggs shells are in good condition with no fissures or weak spots in them.


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Salmon Salad

I planned to do several things today that required the use of my kitchen so for lunch I wanted something fast and simple to put together.  Since it has been several days since we have had fish, I settled on a can of Salmon. 

I made some wonderful mayo last night out of half coconut oil and half walnut oil.  So for my salad, I drained the liquid off of the salmon (reserved to be used later on) added in enough mayo to moisten the fish, a couple of scallions (but any sweet onion chopped up will do nicely), and that was it.   Quick, easy and ready.  I intended to add celery but I forgot.

I served this with some GAPS/SCD bread and some carrots sticks.  On the side, I offered some homemade hot mustard which accompanied it all very well.

GAPS/SCD does not have to be hard and complicated.  Even if you include the time it took to make the mayonaise last night and the mustard several days ago the whole time frame for this meal was less than 20 minutes.

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Bacon Jam

I ran across this recipe the other day by accident and I immediately wanted to make it.  Today is Valentine’s Day so I decided to make this for my husband.

What in the world would one do with something called bacon jam?  Consider it a condiment with a Mexican flair because it definitely has that Mexican influence with the peppers, coffee, and chocolate.  It would be good served with meat, stuffed inside an avocado, or eaten with a piece of GAPS/SCD bread.  One daughter said that it has a bit of a B-B-Q flavor.

If possible try and find bacon that is sugar free.  I am limited in where I can shop so I just used regular bacon.  I found several recipes on the internet and the most popular was the one that appealed the least to me.   I decided to make up my own recipe.

16 ounces of bacon

1 large onion diced

5 cloves of crushed garlic

1 tbsp of coconut oil (see the directions)

1 cup of coffee (plus I added in what was left in the thermos-no need to be totally exact)

3-4 oz of honey–I guessed at this, I actually just drizzled some in until I thought it was about right.

2 oz (I used my shot glass) apple cider vinegar

2 oz of raisins

2 oz of dried cranberries (After I had dumped them in there I realized that I was not sure whether or not they had sugar on them…I got them at the bulk section at the health food store and carelessly forgot to check…and then carelessly dumped them into the pot….if you can’t find them without sugar just don’t put them in….or double the raisins.)

1 tbsp of coco powder  (If you are not able to eat coco powder yet, it can be left out I think and still be good. Or substitute a nut butter.)

1 pasilla dried pepper

1 dried cayene pepper

1 tsp of cinnamon

You start out by cutting the bacon up into small pieces and fry it.  About half way to brown, I drained off the liquid that was forming in the bottom of the pan to remove any excess sugar that might be cooking out of the bacon.    At this point I added back in the coconut oil.   I continued to cook until the bacon began to brown and added in the chopped onion and  crushed garlic.   I cooked this on a lower temperature until the bacon and onion was browned.

After that I added in all the other ingredients and stirred it all together.   I allowed this to simmer on low with a lid on it until it came out the jam consistency that I wanted.   Most recipes tell you to give it a good pulse or two in the food processor but it looked about right so I stuffed it in a jar and called it good enough!

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