Chinese Eggroll Eggs

18 Feb


In trying to practice the 20/80 rule, I am increasingly trying to find new and different flavors for breakfast.   One morning, I was scrounging around in the fridge trying to find something vegetable oriented to go with the breakfast eggs.  I found a head of Chinese cabbage intended for the next batch of Kimchi.   So I ripped off a few of the outer leaves and went to work at my stove.

Let me preface, that I love a good eggroll. This is one of those things that I miss on the GAPS diet so stumbling upon this idea has been a delight for me. This recipe/idea could be considered Egg Foo Yung, but I think the ingredients make it taste more like egg rolls.  Either way, it definitely has that strong hint of Chinese food that I love.

I start out by slicing up onions, mushrooms, and the Chinese cabbage.  I fry all of this in a bit of beef fat and olive oil, until everything is nice and wilted down and soft. I sprinkle in salt and garlic powder. Then I pour in whipped up eggs to cover, stirring the eggs into the veggies a bit and cover with a lid.   I let the eggs get about done and then I turn the omelet over and brown the other side. 

Transfer to a plate; add a side of Kimchi, and some Braggs.   Yummy!

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