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Chinese Eggroll Eggs


In trying to practice the 20/80 rule, I am increasingly trying to find new and different flavors for breakfast.   One morning, I was scrounging around in the fridge trying to find something vegetable oriented to go with the breakfast eggs.  I found a head of Chinese cabbage intended for the next batch of Kimchi.   So I ripped off a few of the outer leaves and went to work at my stove.

Let me preface, that I love a good eggroll. This is one of those things that I miss on the GAPS diet so stumbling upon this idea has been a delight for me. This recipe/idea could be considered Egg Foo Yung, but I think the ingredients make it taste more like egg rolls.  Either way, it definitely has that strong hint of Chinese food that I love.

I start out by slicing up onions, mushrooms, and the Chinese cabbage.  I fry all of this in a bit of beef fat and olive oil, until everything is nice and wilted down and soft. I sprinkle in salt and garlic powder. Then I pour in whipped up eggs to cover, stirring the eggs into the veggies a bit and cover with a lid.   I let the eggs get about done and then I turn the omelet over and brown the other side. 

Transfer to a plate; add a side of Kimchi, and some Braggs.   Yummy!

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More on Cushaw Squash

More on Cushaw Squash

Yes, it has been a while since I last posted.  And honestly, the last thing anyone probably wants to hear more about is Cushaw Squash.

My middle daughter, who has gone back and been working her way slowly through GAPS is not eating anything green and leafy.   And she does not like mushrooms….so that leaves me with some challenges, particularly for breakfast.  We are working on her losing and maintaining her weight, while we are trying to get her immune system built up…i.e. guts working properly.

I have gone to rigorously implementing the 20/80 rule.  Twenty percent protein, eighty percent veggie or fruit.  Fruits are for snacks.  So that leaves me always looking for ways to add veggies to everything I make.

I was quite pleased the other day when this daughter commented on breakfast., “This is the best”, “It’s better than Bob Evans!”  Now, when one of your kids say something like that to you, it makes you take notice.

In the previous post, I talked about how I cut up and peel these big squash and then store them in the fridge for later use.  I toss them into soups, breads, etc.

Lately, I have been cooking them sliced up with onions in some butter and olive oil.  I cook them until they have browned a bit and sprinkle them with garlic powder, salt and paprika. When they are done, I add eggs to the top and cover the skillet until the eggs are done.

I have also made “French Toast” eggs with Cushaw’s as well.   I take the squash and grate it. Then I fry the squash (this time without onions)  in butter and coconut oil until it is browned a bit.  When done, I liberally sprinkle on cinnamon.  In a bowl of beaten eggs, I add vanilla, salt, and a spoonful of honey.  I beat the whole mess up until the eggs are a bit fluffy and pour it over the fried squash, stirring in the eggs a bit to mix them in.  I cover with a lid and steam until almost done, then I flip the eggs and squash (cutting it into manageable sections) browning the other side.  Top with a scoop of plain yogurt-or if you are prone to like your sweets, add some honey.    FAST and easy French Toast the GAPS way!!

I hope you never give up trying to find easy and affordable ways to make GAPS meals.



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