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Mexican Chicken and Rice #2

Since the last time I made this I thought of ways to make this more like rice and less like cabbage….well, as I was shredding cabbage this morning to make kraut and I got to thinking about the texture of cabbage…and how the last time I made Mexican “rice” it tasted like cabbage…was there a way to give it more of a rice flavor.

While this is still not rice, it is a lot better than the last time I attempted to make a yellow rice.  I shredded cabbage as if I was making cole slaw.  In an iron skillet, I placed a small amount of toasted sesame oil and some lard.  I cooked a thinly sliced red onion in that to the point of being almost browned.  After that I added in the shredded cabbage and cooked it down a bit giving it about 1/4 cup of chicken stock to keep it from burning…during that process I seasoned it with cumin, salt, and olive oil that I had soaked annato in (this gives the red/yellow color).   After the cabbage was done I then added a good sprinkling of coconut flour over the top and stirred that in.

I think this is about as close as I can get to my old chicken and rice flavor.    I think this same idea might work well for curry and “rice”.  But I will think about that another day.

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Beans Fresh Out of the Garden

Fresh green beans out of the garden often mean something boiled.  While I like green beans cooked with onion and lard, during the summer when the beans are coming in fresh off of the plants I often make them stir-fried. 

If I am in a hurry I just clean the beans and toss them in the skillet without any extra steps.  But today I had the time so I split the beans in half, this allows the beans to cook a bit faster and I think gives a nicer looking presentation. 

I started with a bowl of beans.  Today I mixed Blue Lake green beans with Dragon Tongue heirloom beans.  The Dragon Tongue are yellow with purple stripes so I had a good color variation.

Blue Lakes and Dragon Tongues!

Then I thinly sliced an onion and a couple of hot peppers. Red chilies are good for this recipe but mine are not ready yet so I used jalapeno. 

In a medium hot iron skillet I drizzled in a little toasted sesame oil, coconut oil and some olive oil, then tossed in the onions and peppers, allowing them to cook down a bit before tossing in the beans. 

The beans need to cook until they change color.  If you desire more tenderness, cook them longer.  If they seem to be browning, add in a drizzle of water or stock, or juice.  Once the beans are done sprinkle a good dusting of powdered ginger over them, salt, pepper, and crush 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic into them. Stir together and serve hot.    

The basics for this can be altered.  I have one daughter that does not like toasted sesame oil so some times, I leave it out and just add it on at the table…and if you do not like hot food, it is easy to eliminate the hot peppers.  Fresh sliced ginger can be used in place of the powered, but it should be added in at the beginning.   Juice will sweeten the beans.  I have even made these and thrown in other things like greens or carrots.

Other than cleaning the beans, this is a fast and fun side dish that goes well with most any meal.  It is full of flavor and texture.  I served mine with a liquid amino acid to replace the traditional soy sauce.


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