Scrappy Burgers

28 Jan


GAPS and SCD both require a lot of bone broth and meat stock.  I am not one that likes to waste food. With the cost of food rising, I am attempting to learn more and more inventive ways to make this diet affordable.   At times frugality can almost be a game to me.  Today was one of those days.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I make about a gallon of stock daily and that requires bones and meat.   Some days we have a meat roast or chicken.  But other days I use other stuff. Because of where I live, it is culturally not wierd to find trotter (pig feet), neck bones, and other various bones at affordable prices.   I have tried various ways to use the meat and gelatin off these bones in the past and I usually come up with something akin to meat cooked with onion and mushrooms.  While with the right seasonings this is not anything to really complain about it does get boring.  So today, I decided to try something different.

My bone broth was made out of trotters and a chicken back with chicken necks and a couple chunks of ginger.  I pulled the meat out and let them cool. Then I picked off as much meat and gelatin tissue as possible trying to be very careful to not get any bones.  I put the bones in my freezer bag to be reused and then proceeded with my creativity.

In the food processor went all the scrappy meat.  I ground it up well, using a rubber spatula to push it down from the sides a couple of times.  I then added in two eggs and chopped it up some more.   I dumped this out into a mixing bowl and then folded in some chopped onions and green peppers, salt, pepper, paprika, and fresh parsley.   After that I stirred in a scoop of coconut flour to thicken the dough up a bit.

I fried this in coconut and palm oil following the same method as I did yesterday for the Mackerel Cakes.   I wasn’t sure how well it was going to taste.  I tried something similar to this one other time without much good to say about it.

Well, I gave my first cake a nibble to see if it was going to be edible.  To my surprise it was good.  I decided to add some fried onions and a honey sweeten mustard as condiments.  I feed them to the family asking what they thought and was rewarded with “it’s good”.  Even daughter number three who is a bit more reluctant with things like this said it was pretty good. (Not her favorite but okay.)

In looking back at the success, I think I would have to say that the trotters is probably what made these “burgers” successful.  Their gelatinous nature made the dough very sticky.  This gelatin is extremely good for the body, helping the digestive process.  But getting some GAPS people to eat it can be an exercise in futility.

I can think of all kinds of ways that I can build on this successful attempt.  I am thinking that approved sausage seasonings would make for wonderful sausage patties or links.  Also other veggies could be added to it like grated carrots, spinach, etc to make a protein rich veggie fritter.

Well, that was my cooking adventure for today….

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One response to “Scrappy Burgers

  1. Racheal

    January 31, 2012 at 1:29 am

    I don’t think I’ve had trotters once in a fashion that I didn’t like 🙂 If you would have asked me three years ago if I would even consider eating them, the answer would have been a kind of queasy “Maybe”…go back any further in time and it would have been “NO!” Strange, isn’t it? Now I love them:)


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