Another Kind of Fish Cake

26 Jan

Time is ticking and it is quickly going to be lunch time again.  I was not feeling the best yesterday so when planning lunch for today I managed to get meat out of the freezer with the intent of getting up in the morning and having it on to stew for lunch.  All goods plans are subject to change in our household and by the time I got around to thinking about lunch it was far too late to get the meat cooked.   So I quickly switched plans. 

Today we are having Mackeral Cakes. Mackeral used to be a fairly popular fish product but has sort of fallen by the way side.  It is very affordable.  It has a much different flavor than salmon and higher in iron and calcium.  I have one daughter that prefers it over salmon.  For years, I stopped eating it for fear of mercury, but like many things I studied up on the topic, and I personally no longer have any concern about occasionally eating canned mackeral.  There can be some differences of quaility in the various brands.  The smaller the mackerel packed in the cans the better the flavor and less risk of mercury.  ((On a personal note, I do not care for any Bumble Bee seafood product…))

So here is my quick and easy, GAPS/SCD approved Mackerel Cakes

Start by putting a good heavy bottomed skillet (preferably iron) on the stove to heat and proceed to mix up your fish dough

Dump one 15 oz can of mackerel into a bowl, add a little chopped onion, green pepper, a clove of crushed garlic (garlic powder will work), paprika, salt, pepper, and a good dash of powdered ginger.  Two eggs and a scoop of coconut flour (enough to thicken up your fish so you can make it into patties.)

 It took me a while but I have finally learned that when cooking with coconut flour you must fry at a little lower heat than when using wheat or corn flours.  So I got my skillet good and hot, (not on high but my second setting). I used a small scoop of coconut oil and a small scoop of palm oil.  Enough to cover the bottom of the pan but not overly generous. (Overly generous will result in something like a plop of goop–tasty but not very attractive) .   Then I turned my skillet down a notch and proceeded to fry fish cakes. 
I have found that forming the fish patty in my hands seems to make them stick together better than just spooning the dough into the skillet. Also, it helps to make the patty rather thick, this keeps it from falling apart.  Something like 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch thick  is about right.  I let one side brown nicely and then turn it over to brown the other side. To keep it from burning I might turn it two or three times.   Some times it is hard to know whether or not the patty is done….usually when something like this is done it gets a lighter feeling to it on the spatula.  If you are still in doubt put a lid over the skillet for two or three minutes, that way if it is not quite done the lid will create a steaming process that will finish off the cooking process.
One added comment before I go….
I try to cook with a good quality palm oil because of its Vitamin E structure.  Unfortunately, palm oil can have a very unpleasant flavor…I have found one that is actually very good.   If you have time, go here and read a bit about the health benefits of this wonderful oil.
Well, the family is beginning to gather around so I gotta go…. have a great rest of the day!!
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