Reviewing the GAPS and SCD Food Lists

24 Jan

Chickory Flowers

I have been rather busy with other things of late and blogging has had to fall by the wayside. Today, I will attempt to get something useful written.

We have been at this diet for a bit over a year now and overall doing well but we cannot say that the problems plaguing us are all better.   So as we continue to work toward recovery I periodically have to step back and check the food lists making sure that everything I am cooking with is okay.     So I thought for today, in this blog I would talk about the importance from time to time to step back and check to make sure nothing has crept into the diet that should not have.

This link   will take you to a site that gives you a neat little sheet that can be printed off and taped inside a kitchen cabinet door for easy reference.  For me, I do best checking the avoid list first then go to the recommended list.  Perhaps that is because we were on a limited diet to begin with and so for us, going GAPS only required cutting out a few extra things.     For those that are new and used to eating a more typical diet I recommend studying both lists, first the avoid and then what is allowed.  Some of the foods on the allowed lists may be new so thus with time you will be learning new flavors to incorporate into your cooking.   It is also important to compare the two lists because some things are listed on both lists with guidelines.  For example, coffee, you are allowed to drink freshly brewed coffee, but not allowed to drink instant- this is due to the processing.

You will find the SCD diet list here

I highly recommend that if you are doing GAPS to please spend some time studying the SCD list.  I find it to be very helpful in understanding some of the do’s and don’ts of both diets.

So please take the time to periodically stop and review the diet lists.  Today, as I was checking and rechecking I found two things I need to eliminate.  Recently, to save a few cents on coffee I bought one with chickory in it.  Chickory is a no-no.  Perhaps that explains why my entire family has been a bit off normal this week?   Also, checking my hubby’s vitamin, I found that it has a small amount of iron in it.

I am not discouarged, as Scarlett was known to say, “Tomorrow is another day.”  Tomorrow we remove the offending items and go on….


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One response to “Reviewing the GAPS and SCD Food Lists

  1. kerrichka

    January 25, 2012 at 2:41 am

    Thanks for blogging your recipes, I’m looking forward to following as you have time to post. All the food looks yummy!!


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