Learning to Love My Crockpot

23 Nov

Salmon Cake

I love to cook but to be honest with you my crock pot was something that used to sit on the bottom shelf in an obscure corner of my kitchen except when I needed it for a social event (and even then I often opted for a warming tray).

Then the GAPS diet came into our lives and I have learned to love my crock pot.  I use it daily–99% of our broth/soup stock is made in a crock pot.   I learned to make GAPS approved baked beans in it and my daughter has learned to bake our bread in one.  I have now made a baked salmon loaf…and I plan to continue to learn to utilize the crock pot more in my kitchen. 

I have several crock pots of different sizes lined up in my kitchen instead of hidden in some obscure corner.  When using the crock pot I save money by not heating my oven all of the time. When the weather is hot, I can plug it in on the porch and cook outside to keep the kitchen cooler.  

Another use for the crock pot these days is that it allows me to carry meals with me when going to someone’s house or to some other social setting where food for the family might be needed. By having a crock pot ready to haul to someones house when we visit allows me to meet the food needs of my family without putting a burden on the hosting family.  Let’s face it GAPS/SCD is a bit weird for some people and you will run into those that will snidely talk about “your diet”;  or those that will not understand that it is not okay to eat just a little of something.  If we are prepared to feed ourselves then those that we offend are less offended if we bring your own food. I found this to be a tremendous help to us particularly in the intro stage of the diet.  A good smelling pot of stew “just for us” can make the snide comments cease in the background.  

In the later stages of the diet, it is just practical to have things on hand  in order to stay on track.  (When hubby got to feeling better, it didn’t take him long to be enticed by that one little bite or two of something he shouldn’t have when he was hungry.)  Having something always ready in a crock pot can be a good way to keep the hungry family members on target. This is something I am still learning and working at. 

So this winter I am going to endeavor to learn more ways to really use this once neglected kitchen appliance.

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