Slavonic Steak

22 Nov

Slavonic Steak

When my Darling Hubby began having diverticulitis attacks it was always after having too much red beef- i.e. steak.   We have never done a lot of grilling but have always enjoyed a good charcoal grilled steak.  So after many months of not having anything grilled, let alone a steak…last weekend we had a special treat.  Grilled steak perfectly covered with a lot of garlic powder and salt.  Yummy!! 

We have some leftovers and so tonight, being it is Tuesday, thus our NCIS night, our special meal is going to be Slavonic Steak–or at least my rendition of it.  Bear with me while I share the story of how I learned about this special treat, it is one of my husband’s favorites.

Years ago when we were young, we were stationed in Hawaii and at that time there were still quaint places that one could go for a romantic evening.  The Crouching Lion was one of those places, built in 1927 it still had that feeling of times slower and less cluttered.  Because it was on the other side of the island from where we lived it was an enjoyable drive to what at that time was a rather remote area.  The food was not overly priced and the atmosphere was romantic which for a young married couple was perfect. I can still hear the sound of the steak coming out on the hot platter sizzling in the butter.  

 When I have leftover steak, which admittedly is not very often, I reheat it and serve it like the Slavonic Steak that my husband remembers.  It is very simple to do.  You slice your cold leftover steak and crush some fresh garlic cloves on to it, and drizzle a little lime juice over it.  After you have your meat ready, heat an iron skillet on high, toss in a good glob of butter (the hot butter is what makes this all work), scare the meat around in the skillet only long enough to get it hot.

It is fast, good, and something special.

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One response to “Slavonic Steak

  1. Racheal

    November 23, 2011 at 12:27 am

    It sure is good! (I could eat steak until I was sick anyways…) Nothing’s better than steak, garlic, and onions (except chocolate). 🙂


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