Turnips–Okay/Not Okay

14 Nov


Replacing Potatoes with Turnips

Well, it is November and this is the time of year that turnips coming out of the garden are best.  With three rows to harvest, it is probably why I decided to write about them today.  The official GAPS list have them on the avoid list.  On the SCD forum we find the following

In the most recent printing of BTVC (Ninth Printing – May 2002), turnips
were moved from the ‘allowed’ list to the ‘not allowed’ list. Many new
SCD™ers found they were having trouble with turnips, in part because they
are quite fibrous, and because they contain inulin. For those that are
eating them and doing fine, they may continue. For those who are just
beginning the diet, they should wait until their symptoms are in remission
before introducing turnips, and then only with great care.
For those who have been on the diet for some time, and begin to find they
are having problems, if turnips are part of their repertoire, they should
be removed.

So the bottom line is that if they bother you then don’t eat them.  My family has had no problem with them so we enjoy them.  They allow us another vegetable and can be consumed much like potatoes.  Yesterday I put some in a beef stew with some carrots and while it didn’t have that decisive potatoe flavor the mind would think potatoes and some times  that can be helpful on a restrictive diet. 

I also have been frying them lately.  Like with other things I change from season to season and from year to year…I think this year, the fried turnips are my favorite.   So for this post I am going to share the simple fried turnip recipe that I have been making.

I always peel  my turnips.  Some people do not but I have found that peeling them helps remove most of that “turnippy flavor” (that I do find offensive).   If you are going to make curry or boiled turnip it is adviseable to drain off the water which can also contain a strong turnip flavor.

I have fried turnips crisp in flat disks but most of the time I just toss a pile of fries into some hot oil and it comes out more scrambled . (More like a scalloped potatoe minus the cheese)  They do fry up nicely but I hate standing around frying up nice little crisp things. (Too time consuming for me.)   I usually sprinkle them generously with salt, some black pepper, a lot of paparika, and for fun I squeeze in a clove or two of garlic (or add garlic powder). This gives them that seasoned fried potatoe flavor that I am fond of.  (The spice and herb combination is really endless with this food group)  This recipe is fast and easy.

Seasoned Fried Turnips

I found a recipe to toss the fries in oil and then place them in the oven to make oven fries.  I have not tried that yet but I plan to later on.

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One response to “Turnips–Okay/Not Okay

  1. Savannah

    November 19, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    On the subject of turnips, often they have a light, mild flavor when simply boiled, drained, and then tossed with butter just before serving. I like them quite well that way, also.


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