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Overcoming Objections

I truly believe in the healing potential of these diets.  While many people are blogging about it, I personally think the more people talk the more others will hear about it and can work at helping their bodies recover.   The more information we can glean from one another the better chances of success.

GAPS/SCD can be very intimidating to consider for many reasons.  When I first approached my 18 year old daughter about this diet she flat out refused to consider it. This same daughter had been wheat free for several years and her reaction rather surprised me.  It wasn’t until the following year when her dad was looking poorly and feeling not so good that she reluctantly considered it and finally with prayer came to an agreeable position.  She had looked at the diet and saw it as restrictive taking away some of the staples of her life like rice and sweet potatoes.  This is a common objection for those considering the diet.  “What can I eat?!”

A second objection is time and effort spent in fixing all of the meals.  I want to encourage anyone that might consider these diets that you can make this work with less effort than you might think. We will touch on these from time to time. 

A third objection is the cost.  Yes, it can cost more but it does not have to break the bank.  Neither GAPS/SCD requires organic foods and while they may or may not be better for you the body can get what it needs nutritionally out of non-organic foods.  I do highly suggest grass-fed meats when and where you can afford them but if the cost is going to break the bank then it is better to do the diet with what you can afford than to not do the diet at all.

What can you eat, it takes too much time, and it is expensive are all legitimate concerns but in my opinion nothing to fear. Just step back, take a deep breath and take the first easy step of beginning to eliminate those items on the avoid food list while you introduce the hot broth/soups as a first course to a meal or as a hot snack.


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